Back on the Road

For a long time this webpage remained almost empty. No stories were published and therefore, no new or old blog articles could be read.

407065_248211628582290_1437599932_nI’ve been going back and forth between Dutch and English websites and columns until I came back to the place where it all started: my own website. Many things happened while being absent in the online realm. I worked for a website named TheHagueOnLine and have my own monthly column named ‘Marieke’s Student Scribbles’ there now. I’ve been studying my not-so-bony ass off and have lost 20 pounds during the last half a year.

But wait! I’m moving too fast. As a rule in all stories, a reader has to get to know a character before it can even remotely bring itself to find his or her history interesting.

Well… For those of you that are not familiar with my previous writing: I’m Marieke, an almost 21-year old (only a few weeks left!) Dutch student who has a dire need to put thoughts and ideas into writing. These thoughts and ideas hopefully put your brain cells on a treadmill to start running.

This blog brings three of my greatest passions together: writing, reading and journalism. These three passions developed as I grew up, but blogging truly brought them to my attention. This blog is what brought me back to writing a little over a year ago, having almost stopped molding words together into stories for almost five years.

That’s exactly the reason why I’ve gone back to it. Here I will be talking about what gets me going and how those three passions make me grow. I’d love to read your comments and get to know what your experiences and thoughts are.

I’m back on the road! Hope to be in touch!

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