The (mis)use of Words

Deceiving a customer or citizen simply by using words in a fashion that distracts the reader from the actual message is not uncommon. I was made aware of exactly that reading an article about the operation named ‘Protective Edge’ in Gaza.

Naming an operation protective while that exact operation merely focuses on bombing Gaza seems a little off to me. Of course its name derives from protecting Israel against the Hamas and therefore setting up a protective edge. They seem to have a fit reason for naming it that. Yet its name brings certain ideas to the minds of others that is – in my opinion – a false one.

Not that this misuse of words is a shocking one really. We see it all around us. Not just in politics. In commercials as well. I remember a detergent commercial that stated a specific detergent could remove oil stains from a white T-shirt. Whereas the commercial revealed a clean white shirt once gone through the washing machine, a single-sentence subtitle visible for merely one second in a font barely readable explained us what we saw was a deception.

If we go into even more detail we could say fairy tales deceive us into thinking there is a good and a bad and almost always a happy ending for the protagonist. The words make us believe it’ll be the same in real life.

These words written right here could even be seen as a form of misuse since I could melt my words together into sentences as to make you more likely to agree with me.

However, there remains a distinction between the innocent use of words and misusing words.

Operation Protective Edge is one misuse that made me aware yet again of how carefully we must regard what politicians and the military put out into the world and think for ourselves.

Interested in the article I read? Click here

Another interesting article on why the operation was named Protective Edge can be found here

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