The First Steps to Getting Yourself Published

A little over a year ago, I knew my hobby should turn into my profession. I wanted to dive into interesting material and write critical pieces, light blog articles and even a manuscript for a fantastic novel.

Great plans! Fantastic idea! But is it realistic? Well, it’s realistic to the extent that I could do it all. I could write critical pieces if I wanted. I could put together a story for a manuscript. The issue wasn’t the writing itself, the challenge was writing well enough for those pieces or that story to get published.

Here are 5 of my tips on how to take the first steps to get yourself published:

  1. Create your own blog. You can create content and put your articles online yourself. If you don’t have a blog yourself yet, but you’re thinking of starting one, I’d highly recommend WordPress. The articles you’ve published on your blog can serve as a great start to your writing portfolio as well!
  2. Start small, think big. Don’t expect to get your piece published in a high-end newspaper straight away. See any publication at the start as a great accomplishment already. Write for many different websites, enter writing competitions and send in work you believe should be published.
  3. Fall hard and get back up. Making sure you have a good chance of getting your piece published on well-read websites, in newspapers or making a book out of your manuscript means you have to improve your writing. Take in criticism and improve. Try something new and see whether it works. Failure fuels your writing and brings you further than a never-ending stream of compliments ever will.
  4. Keep on learning. There are many ways to improve your writing skills outside of the world inside your laptop. Go to a course or take a minor that enhances your writing. And not to forget: learn from other writers.
  5. Social media. Be active on social media. Great opportunities can be found here, simply because you can get in touch with different blogs, publishers and websites. Share your articles on social media. You never know who might see it!

I can’t say I am where I want to be just yet, but I’m content with how far I’ve gotten over time. Sometimes I was rejected and sometimes my words were re-written by an editor (which sometimes is even more painful). Each day I find new portals through which I can communicate and spread my writing.

What are your tips and tricks on getting yourself published?

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