Catwalk for Cancer

I’ve been writing, reading and writing some more in 2014. 2015 will likely bring me much of the same, but the wrapping in which it comes this year will change quite a bit. The new year brings me to a cause which has truly captured my heart: Catwalk for Cancer. 

catwalkforcancer-logo (1)

Catwalk for Cancer is a cause which supports young women who have faced or are facing cancer by making them feel beautiful again and forget their illness for a moment. The women participating in the CfC-day receive beautiful photographs made of them during a wonderfully organised photoshoot. It’s a day where we get a chance to bring some light to those women’s day and that is exactly why I’ve decided to help out Catwalk for Cancer with their online marketing and communication.

From all I’ve seen and heard so far it has become clear to me that CfC makes a change and brings something truly inspirational. Catwalk for Cancer shows how the fashion industry can pitch in and make that change for those women. And so they do: many talented photographers, stylists and make-up artists ensure participants have a wonderful day and great photographs to remember it by.

I’m happy to be a part of the team and help with the great work Catwalk for Cancer is doing. Looking for a way to participate? Want to add beautiful photographs to your portfolio? Or are you just interested? Make sure to check out the website.

6 thoughts on “Catwalk for Cancer

    1. Wat leuk! Vind het zo mooi wat CFC doet. Vooral die focus op het positieve. Ik hoop dat je vriendin dat ook heeft meegekregen!

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