Aborting Your Baby Because It Is a Boy

There is feminism and there is feminism. A blogpost today shocked me more than anything else has done in a long while: a woman claiming to be a feminist decided to get an abortion, because her baby was going to be a BOY. 

Twisted minds seem to find their way into the world of feminism and disgrace the work of Emma Watson, Susan Colantuono and so many others. In a post on the blog Injustice Stories feminist Lana talks about her choice for aborting her baby, because it was a boy.

Two things ran through my mind as I read the post: ‘How could somebody do that?’ and ‘Is this for real?’. Even in a liberal world where we have the chance to make our own choices, including the choices of our own body, this seemed to go quite far. Was this just a way for Lana to get people to read her blog? Is it just a piece of fiction?

Let’s assume the story is indeed true and a skillfully written piece of wicked reality. In the first part of her post Lana describes one specific negative experience with a man, who scoffed her when she told her she was going to an Occupy Wall Street rally. The experience has, as she states, “changed her outlook” and she could “no longer depend on men to be an ally of the cause”. Indeed, the man she describes did not seem very nice and was quite sexist, but that doesn’t mean all men are! My ex, brother, father and many of my male friends wish women’s rights to improve as much as women themselves.

Her lack of trust in men resulted into the abortion of her unborn baby boy. Lana could have had her child, raised it and made a change for at least one man. She could have taught him to treat women as equals and could have created an ally. Lana counters that argument with a nature rules over nurture-statement. In addition, she states she does not hate men, but hates “what men (…) turn into”. She even goes as far as calling her pregnancy a “curse”. All radical sounds of someone, who – in my eyes – has a very narrow way of thinking and is limited to her own extreme beliefs.

If the post is a stunt to lure people to her blog: well done. Truly, you have accomplished your goal. Congratulations. Too bad you had to step on the toes of the many, MANY men out there, who are anything but a curse!

Mockingly an image of the word ‘Equality’  is placed on the left side of Lana’s blog. There’s no equality in obliterating men like that. That’s NOT what feminism is about.

5 thoughts on “Aborting Your Baby Because It Is a Boy

    1. Verschrikkelijk, hè? En dat noemt zich dan een feminist. Reflecteert weer lekker op de rest van de gemeenschap.

    1. Fijn dat je het met me eens bent! Ik hoop ook echt voor dat dochtertje dat zij tot bezinning komt als ze ouder is en niet hetzelfde uitpakt 😦

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