The Truth about Darth Vader and Groot

I have to get this out of the way, I just have to. I’ve read it way too often and thought to clarify this for once and for all. 

On Twitter, in articles and even in Pitch Perfect it is believed “Vader” in “Darth Vader” is German for “father”. Well, you are close, Anna Kendrick, you are close, but not close enough. It’s just that that tiny tiny country next to Germany… That’s where the name comes from. “Vader” is Dutch for “father” and no not Pennsylvanian Dutch either, especially since the Pennsylvanian Dutch in truth originate from Germany as well. The German word for “father” is “Vater”. It’s a small difference, true. Yet still… It’s just a Google Translate away.

The same accounts for Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy. “Groot” means large in German? NOPE! Sorry, guys. Let me burst that bubble for you. It’s Dutch. The German word for large is “groß”, written with that weird looking “B”.

I just had to be a bit of a wiseacre here. Got to protect my mother tongue 😉 . Do you know some more Dutch words used for characters? Leave them in the comments below!

3 thoughts on “The Truth about Darth Vader and Groot

    1. Thank you! That would not surprise me actually!

      Or, they saw the Netherlands on google maps and figured it was one of the Bundesländer of Germany, haha! And then Dutch was just an accent! But maybe Hollywood isn’t that silly just yet.

      Thanks for following btw, I checked out your website as well. You have some great stuff on there!

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