Game of Thrones’ Lady Stoneheart making her debut

Great news from the World of GoT! It’s looking like Lady Stoneheart is finally making an appearance in the next season of Game of Thrones. Although the news hasn’t been confirmed, it is hard to imagine Benioff and Weiss will not include this character in the series. 

[Naturally, for those who haven’t read the books (yet): Spoilers ahead!]

For all George R.R. Martin fans I think it is safe to say we were more than disappointed when Lady Stoneheart did not make an appearance in season 4 and then discovered even the finale of season 5 failed to introduce her. However, gossip has been released that our transformed Catelyn Stark will be starring in season 6, which in turn means Michelle Fairley is coming back! For those of you who do not know Lady Stoneheart yet and are interested in learning about her, here’s a short summary.

The dreadful Red Wedding has just occurred and Catelyn Stark has been murdered. But, as George R.R. Martin is fond of twists, we learn that the once gracious Lady Stark has been resurrected. As the body was found too late for a full recovery she takes shape in the vengeful Lady Stoneheart. A character that we love to hate.

Production for the new season will last until December 2015. For us it’ll take a long winter before we get to marvel in the horrendous beauty that is Lady Stoneheart. And let us pray that the gossip is truthful for once! Do you think she will finally make an appearance?

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