Amazon Opens Its First Bookstore

Amazon is on the verge of opening a physical bookstore: Amazon Books. Amazon Books will have the same focus on digital copies, yet readers can now also hold a book in hand prior to purchase.


The first shop will open today in Seattle and might mark the start of a chain of shops for Amazon Books. As the starter of commotion in the book market, it is interesting to see Amazon going from an online platform to a traditional physical one. Especially since there are only some slight style differences and Amazon Books will not diverge extremely from what bookshops look like nowadays.

Some slight alterations are made in terms of the presentation of the books. Rather than showing the spine of the book, Amazon Books will show the book cover. A smart choice to give the shop a more vibrant and open look. Moreover, Amazon has decided to focus on the bestselling books and add a star rating right next to their copies. In addition, the customer will be able to purchase some electronics as Amazon will put items such as the Kindle e-reader on display.

For now, the store will only be settled in Seattle and readers across the United States will have to travel there to actually see the bookshop. The choice for Seattle is a logical one. Out of the cities in the United States, Seattle has the highest relative amount of readers. Moreover, Amazon Books seems to target students, as its first store will be located in Seattle’s University Village. But if the store turns out to be successful, no doubt Amazon will attempt to take over the physical book market as well.


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