Prix Femina 2015

The Prix Feminas have been awarded again and this year’s Prix Femina for translated fiction goes to Kerry Hudson. She won the prize for her second novel Thirst.

imagesThirst has been translated from English to French and carries the title La couleur de l’eau, the literal translation being “the colour of water”. The novel was originally published in 2014.

It was a close call with merely a difference of one vote. Five of the votes were in favour of The Zone of Interest by Martin Amis, yet Thirst received six and thus, Hudson claimed the prize.

Her first novel Tony Hogan Bought Me an Ice-Cream Float Before He Stole My Ma was published in 2012. It made it to the shortlist of the Guardian First Book Award in that same year, yet the prize went to Kevin Powers with The Yellow Birds.

The Prix Femina was awarded to Christophe Boltanski for his La Cache.

What is the Prix Femina?

The history of the Prix Femina goes back over a century. The prize was first introduced in 1904 and has been split into three categories over the years: the Prix Femina, the Prix Femina Étranger (translated fiction) and the Prix Femina Essai.

Unlike what the title seems to suggest, the Prix Femina is not awarded to females only. Both men and women can win. The prize has been given this title as the jury consists only of females.


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