Emma Watson’s Goodreads Group

Here’s our chance to read along with Emma Watson. Recently, Emma Watson started her own Goodreads Group dedicated to reading books on equality. 

feminism is for everyoneThere’s a lot that can be said about equality: whether we can ever hope to achieve some form of equality and what equality really means. But without some adequate knowledge about the topic, it is hard to actually battle for equality for both men and women.

It seems Emma Watson has gathered exactly that. Thus, she launched the Goodreads Group Our Shared Shelf.  There are already over 70,000 members (I’m proud to say, I’ve joined the group as well) and the reading of the first book has started, namely My Life On the Road by Gloria Steinem.

There’s a bit more to the group than just reading, though. There are many interesting discussions going on in the group, such as What is feminism? and Should men be part of feminist movement? No!, that really showcase some interesting perspectives. It isn’t just an erratic discussion with fingers pointing in different directions. These are solid, worthwhile discussions that have magnificent content for people, who are engaged in learning more about the possibilities and challenges that are out there in terms of equality.

This isn’t just a group from a feminist for feminists. Similar to what Emma Watson has done with the He for She campaign, she brings together all that are intrigued about this subject and wish to create a fairer and better world.

Interested in Emma Watson’s Goodreads group? You can find it here.

5 thoughts on “Emma Watson’s Goodreads Group

    1. She seems to have the whole package, doesn’t she :)? It is really an interesting group and the discussions are really worth reading. It’s become very popular, very quickly.

      1. Thank you! I’m excited for many of them! Lovely that you are reading Little Women. I’ve actually wanted to read it ever since Rachel from Friends mentioned it in an episode 😛

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