My Top Three BookTubers

It has been a little under a year since I started Booktubing. Ever since, an entire world has opened up to me. I can’t count the amount of great recommendations, responses and conversations I have had from and with other Booktubers. Within this time I’ve also noticed there are a few Booktubers I keep on going back to, because I enjoy their videos the most.

It’s hard to narrow it down to three, definitely, but I do have to say, the Booktubers below are truly the three Booktubers I go to most.

Little Book Owl

little book owl

This Australian Booktuber has been on my radar for some time now and I have enjoyed so many of her videos. What’s interesting about Caz, is that she attempts to do different things every now and then. Recently she vlogged the boxing of the YA Chronicles for instance. She’s a huge fan of readathons and participates in a fair deal of them, does lots of unboxings and has many book recommendations for us booklovers! If you want to check Catriona, aka Caz, aka Little Book Owl, out, you can find her channel here.



A Dutch Booktuber, living in London, bringing us books, books and… well… more books. Sanne may be Dutch, but she’s no stranger in the English book market. She has some experience working for a publisher and it clearly shows in her videos as her reviews always seem well balanced and afterwards, you really have a good sense of whether the book will be something for you or not. Interested? You can find Sanne’s channel here.


peruse project

Regan is full of enthusiasm and that spark carries through the screen and makes you just as eager to read those books she’s excited about. She makes a ton of different videos, from book hauls to single book reviews to tag videos and they’re always a lot of fun to watch. There’s a lovely geeky vibe coming from Regan and I just find her to be so honestly herself, which is a great part of why I like her videos. Go to Regan’s channel here to view her videos.

What are your favourite Booktubers? Or do you rather read blogs? For those of you who are interested in viewing my Booktube channel, you can find it by clicking here


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