The Wonderful Dutch Booktube Community

I met up with a bunch of Booktubers about a month ago. We all went to Rotterdam, visited a bookstore (naturally) and had a drink together. It was one of the most wonderful afternoons I’ve had.

I’ve been lucky enough to have been a part of the Booktube community for one year now and I’ve enjoyed it more and more. The Booktube community in the Netherlands is such a great supportive community, not at all like the harsh world that I had thought the internet would be.

Moreover, I’ve been amazed by the meet-up we had in Rotterdam. It’s crazy how you can meet a bunch of people and have an immediate connection. We could talk endlessly about books and wandered around in the bookstore until we knew we could find no new books to look at.

Aside from that afternoon, I’ve found the Dutch Booktube community is bigger than I had anticipated. Though still relatively small, I’ve already found over twenty Dutch Booktubers. The largest part of them, like myself, makes videos in English and reads mostly English books.

I’ve gone from having very few people around me to talk about books to having a whole new group of friends, who I can fangirl about books with until we go crazy. It’s so lovely and I cannot explain how great it is to be part of a community that is incredibly supportive. Thanks everybody who has made this year on Booktube such a great one.

Love to all of you book geeks – Booktubers and non-Booktubers – out there! I can’t wait for the great new discussions on books during the coming year!

P.s.: I have a blooper video coming next week to celebrate my Booktube anniversary

The Dutch Booktube meet-up:

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