Marieke Mills (pseudonym of Marieke van Mil) was born in August 1993 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Marieke is a creative writer, blogger and tomato soup enthusiast. From the age of 8 Marieke started creating stories, crafting narratives about the great adventures of dogs (her parents had just gotten a puppy for her and her family). Her interest in writing grew as she looked towards fictional role models such as Rory in Gilmore Girls. Reading came along with her interest in writing and she started picking up different genres of books from Dutch classics like De Aanslag and Sonny Boy to Harry Potter and Treasure Island. Her writing continued well into her teens, finishing poems and a novel. As she moved through high school her focus started shifting. The interest in writing still at heart, but her mind filled with making the right choice for her future, she gave up on the craft.

As she progressed and commenced her bachelor’s in European Studies at The Hague University a new interest came to light. As all courses were fully taught in English, a desire arose to read and learn more about English language and literature.

Though her interest in books stayed with her, the urge to write was gone for a long time. It wasn’t until 2013 during her semester abroad in Rostock, Germany that her passion for creative writing resurfaced. A friend lend her A Game of Thrones. Immersed in the story, she realised what she had missed out on. Her mind flooded with ideas and she started writing once more. First she set off on writing a Dutch horror story with fantastical elements until the story became so alive in her head, she decided to put it away and catch up on her sleep. More short stories followed, one of which was published in an anthology by a small Dutch publisher Jaylen Books in 2013.

That tiny publication urged her on and, realising why it was A Game of Thrones that brought her back to writing, she started attempting to write fantasy and scifi, finding it suited her the best of all.

Her passion for writing steered her choice for her master’s. She finished her MA in Writing and Translation in 2018 at the VU University in Amsterdam and ventured on to write more stories and read up on the language.

Along with her interest in writing, her knowledge of content creation and blogging grew. In 2013, during her semester abroad she started a blog, to inform her family and friends of her travels and experiences living in Germany. The travel blog grew into a writing blog where she now shares her passion for books and talks about creative writing and narrative techniques in fiction.

In 2019 Marieke decided to take a new step in her life and move to England. She gave up her full time job in the Netherlands, took on a part time role as a receptionist and focused on writing during her free time.

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