Hi guys! I am Marieke (or Mills, whatever is easier to pronounce!). I live near Amsterdam and am a Dutch Writing and Translation student. Welcome to my blog!

12671967_1718256795116907_4264889943481558894_oHere I discuss my three great passions: reading, writing and languages! I can’t remember the moment when I started writing or really love reading and learning foreign languages, but somehow those three have survived puberty and ended up shaping me.

I absolutely adore reading and love leaving reality behind to dive into a new world (big escapist here). There’s never a bookcase that is complete and there are always more awesome books coming out. Currently, I am reading mostly fantasy and classics. However, I do not limit myself to any genre in particular.

Besides filling my own bookcase, I hope to be a part of someone else’s someday. My ultimate dream would be to make a living as a writer, which is the sole reason I have decided to start the master’s I am enrolled in. There’s so much to learn about writing and I am certain Writing and Translation will provide me with a lot of material to grow.

Finally, I wouldn’t be me without my thirst for foreign languages. I started learning English as a young girl (it all began with Pokémon on my Game Boy Color) and continued to learn both English and German at secondary school and university. I still wish to learn more languages at an advanced level such as French and Swedish. When there’s a chance for me to read a book that is originally published in German or English, I make sure to read it in the original language.

Thanks for visiting my blog!

For business inquiries please email me at this address: mariekemills@gmail.com .

13 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey, Marieke! I enjoyed your video reviews- and I hope you keep up the awesome work! I’ve wanted to be a journalist for a long time, and it was awesome reading it all.

  2. Hey! Thanks for dropping by my blog and giving that lovely comment. I’m really enjoying your blog as well and I think we read some similar books. I hope to indulge in some bookish discussions in the very near future! 🙂

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