I’m Marieke Mills, a creative writer of mainly fantasy. Writing, without doubt, is one of my great passions. It is what I do every single day and is what puts a smile on my face. For me, crafting something inspiring or interesting with just words is a true delight.

Languages are a second passion of mine and they have been from a young age. I’m bilingual. I speak, write and read in English and Dutch. Furthermore, I absolutely adore German and have an advanced level in that language. My interest in the language and Germany itself has grown immensely during my time at university and I even decided on studying in the beautiful Rostock (northeastern Germany) for a semester.

Thirdly, there’s reading. Oh, how I love to snuggle up with a book. Just give me something good to read and a blanket and I’m a happy girl. Fantasy books fill up half of my bookcase, but there is also the occasional classic or thriller. Besides filling my own bookcase, I hope to be a part of someone else’s someday.

That brings us full circle back to the writing itself! I publish posts and short stories every now and then on my blog.

What and where I write

Write quill, creative fantasy writerMy interest was born from reading. The more I read, the more I started to wonder whether I’d be any good at creative writing. From the age of twelve I’ve been filling Word page after Word page and notebook after notebook.

It hasn’t changed since then! I am currently writing a fantasy novel, which I wish to publish in the near future. Every now and then, I also hand in stories to writing contests, magazines and websites.

What’s more, I regularly publish short stories on my blog. These fantasy stories are generally between 300 to 1,000 words. As a creative writer, it is great to have these small projects. It provides me with breathing space from my bigger project.

So slowly but gradually I’m bringing my fiction out there, which I’m really excited about. The great thing about creative writing – besides the writing itself – is that there is a world full of writers, who share the same passion. I’ve gotten to meet some incredible people over time, who have brought joy and inspiration to my life.

What I read as a fantasy writer

Read books, creative fantasy writerAs a creative writer, reading is essential too. I am an avid reader of fantasy and science fiction. Simply by reading I’ve gained so much insight into the craft. Among my favourite authors are Patrick Rothfuss, Brandon Sanderson and Douglas Adams.

Some of the books that I absolutely adore are The Name of the Wind, Mistborn and The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (yes, these are from the above named authors). Others are The Chronicles of Narnia, The Nutcracker, Harry Potter and The Bromeliad. All fantasy or science fiction books. Is it clear enough where my interest lies yet?

Are you looking for someone to write a fictional piece for your magazine or website? Or do you want to geek out with a fellow book nerd? Send me an email at info@mariekemills.com or find me on social media!



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