I’m Marieke, a copywriter, creative writer, translator and editor, who has three great loves in her life. Marieke Mills is my pen name. Writing, without doubt, is the first. It is what I do every single day and is what puts a smile on my face. For me, crafting something inspiring or interesting with just words is a true delight.

Languages are a second passion of mine and they have been from a young age. I’m bilingual. I speak, write and read in English and Dutch. Furthermore, I absolutely adore German and am happy to say I’ve got an advanced level. My interest in the language and Germany itself has grown immensely during my time at university and I even decided on studying in the beautiful Rostock (northeastern Germany) for a semester.

Thirdly, there’s reading. Oh, how I love to snuggle up with a book. Just give me something good to read and a blanket and I’m a happy girl. Fantasy books fill up half of my bookcase, but there is also the occasional classic or thriller. Besides filling my own bookcase, I hope to be a part of someone else’s someday.

That brings us full circle back to the writing itself, which is what I do for a living! Besides busying myself with copy, fiction and translations, I publish regularly on my blog just to offer some inspiration and information to fellow copywriters, editors, translators and creative writers.

That’s just a little bit about me. You’re up! Whether you are a writer yourself, need someone to create copy for your website or just want to get in touch with me: don’t hesitate to send me an e-mail or connect with me on social media. I’m always up for a good discussion or a cup of tea!




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