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From today onwards I am available as an SEO copywriter. After gaining experience with multiple companies I’ve decided to take a leap of faith and walk the freelance track. I’m extremely excited and wanted to share what it is that I’ll be doing.

SEO – what now?

Search engine optimisation – SEO for short – involves how well a webpage is found on search engines such as Google. That sounds technical, I know. And it is a bit technical, yes. But it is not as daunting as many think it is. I won’t get into the specific aspects right here. I did, however, think it would be good to explain it a little bit for those of you that are unfamiliar with the term.

Simply put, Google wants to know whether your webpage is any good. It does so by measuring several things. Your headlines, the keywords you use and the links in a text are among the most important factors. Do this right and your page ranks higher in Google.

An SEO copywriter applies all of the tricks in the book to try and get that page up-up-up! So whenever someone searches for products or services that you sell, your page will rank better and more people will find your company.

What I’ll be doing as a copywriter

SEO Copywriter writing on laptopAs a copywriter I’ll be writing texts for websites. My copy will range from blog articles to landing pages. Writing these texts, I take three main things into account:

  • An important part of SEO writing is the keyword analysis. Before I write a new text, I do an analysis of the commonly used keywords and make a selection based on the competition and common usage.
  • Every company has their own style and their own tone of voice. Writing copy for different companies means adapting to different styles. Examples of different styles are formal, informal, breezy or witty.
  • No copy should go without creative content. In the end, a text should be easy to read and should grab the attention of the target audience. That simply means writing well. We don’t want to have these endless boring texts after all!

Translating and editing

But there’s a little more: I’ll also be available as a translator and editor. I can translate from Dutch, English and German to Dutch and English. That means I’ll translate from…

  • … English to Dutch
  • … Dutch to English
  • … German to English
  • … German to Dutch

For me that means I get to dip into my language skills (which I love to do). For companies that means I can translate content, whether they need SEO proof copy or a creative news article.

Furthermore, I will be editing! As an editor I take a look at grammar mistakes and paragraph issues. That means I get to look at the nittiest of the grittiest and, oh, the grammar nut inside me is satisfied doing so.

Why I’ve decided on becoming a copywriter

Working for different companies and finishing my master’s in writing and translation has taught me so much. I am ready to venture out on my own. I enjoy working on different projects and believe this is the ultimate way to do it. For me this is the way to combine my knowledge with my passion. What’s better than that really?

Creative writing

Creative writing, fountain penOf course my creative writing won’t leave my bones all of a sudden. I am working on different stories and am loaded up with inspiration to get all those on paper and published.

I have laid my project The Fourth Ruling aside for a bit and started outlining a new story. Why? Because I’ve been feeling like The Fourth Ruling has been my learning project. It has been great for that purpose, but I am not longer sure whether it is something I would actually want to publish. But that’s a whole different story for another blog post!

Connect, share & tell me what you do! Are you a copywriter like me? Or do you just want to connect? I am always looking to meet new and inspiring people, so do not hesitate to contact me via info@mariekemills.com or on social media (just look for @mariekemills on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and you’ll find me!).

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