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David Farland’s Story Doctor blog is a wonderful source of writing advice for new writers. I discovered he had a blog via the Writing Excuses podcast. Farland really is an expert in his field as he has taught students for many years. 

Who’s David Farland?

David Farland (real name Dave Wolverton) is a teacher as well as a fantasy and sf-author. Farland has taught many now published authors the skills they needed. Amongst them are Brandon Sanderson and James Dashner. Right now, he organises several writing workshops, which you can take and other aspiring authors can take.

He has published several fantasy books under his pseudonym David Farland. I haven’t read his novels yet, but I know he is well known for his The Runelords novels. He has also written books on writing and – if you want to read something of him quickly – has published many short stories.

Free Writing Advice

Of course, Farland offers many writing courses that I am sure are very educational. I – right now – don’t have that kind of money, but I still like to read and learn from Farland. Thus, I subscribed to his mailing list, which means I get an e-mail every few days or so that includes a new Writing Tips article.

You can find these tips on his website as well, but I personally enjoy receiving them via e-mail. The Writing Tips articles always talk about a certain element of writing, whether it is writer’s block, dealing with insecurities or screenwriting.

Interviews from David Farland

If you want to know a bit more about David Farland then here’s a list of some interviews and videos by the author. It’ll give you some great insight into the writer and teacher:

  • If you want to know more about The Runelords series, you can read the interview he gave on the SFFWorld website
  • He also spoke about his YA novel Nightingale here
  • In this YouTube video Farland, along with Jacob Cooper, talks about writing
  • Read more on how Farland goes about writing in this interview

There are a ton of interviews and videos out there, so this is just a small selection of stuff I enjoyed. Definitely let me k now if you discover some other great stuff!

Have you read anything by David Farland? Or have you taken one of his courses? 

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