The Most Remarkable Books of 2015

What has 2015 brought us in terms of books? Has the market plummeted? Have e-books taken over? Not so much. Even more so, it seems physical books are making a comeback. And rightfully so, with the many great books that were published this year.

If one thing is certain, it is that Go Set a Watchman has dominated the book news section in 2015. The new book by Harper Lee – a follow-up to To Kill a Mockingbird after 55 years of silence – has reached the headlines worldwide. There was talk of elder abuse and Continue reading “The Most Remarkable Books of 2015”

5 Great Books to Read During Christmas

Still looking for a book to read during Christmas? It’s almost Christmas morning, so the book you asked Santa may be under the Christmas tree. If you’ve read that one in a single afternoon, then you may enjoy some of the books listed below to get your Christmas spirit on. 

  • A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. The story that inspired Christmas hampers and made us believe even the sternest of mind can change. This is a very quick read and gets you right into the Christmas spirit.

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Fore-edge book painting

Good guy 9gag at times makes you learn things that blow your mind. Recently I learned about fore-edge book paintings via this 9gag post. And what a beautiful type of art it is. 


Fore-edge book painting is the art of creating an image on the edges of the pages of a book. Sometimes this is done directly on the edges and the reader can see it straight away, but the more intriguing paintings are done when Continue reading “Fore-edge book painting”

Harry Potter – The Illustrated Edition

We’re up for some Harry Potter madness the coming years! A little over a month ago the very first Illustrated Edition of the Harry Potter series made its way to the bookstores, the first of seven that will bring HP fans screaming for a copy.

I’ve seen several BookTubers proudly presenting their copies. For budget reasons I have not purchased the Illustrated Edition myself just yet, but by the looks of it, it is absolutely stunning. The Illustrated Edition of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone has been Continue reading “Harry Potter – The Illustrated Edition”

The True Story of The Sound of Music

Fifty years ago the film aired and it has been a classic ever since: the Sound of Music. We know it for its tiresome cheerfulness, Julie Andrew’s angelic singing, the adorable children and a gloriously handsome Captain Von Trapp.


But all this wouldn’t have been, if it were not for some drastic alterations in the original story. The real Maria Von Trapp did not lead the life that is portrayed in the musical and film. Many things were altered, from the escape to Switzerland to the amount of Von Trapp children. Here are the five most remarkable differences. Continue reading “The True Story of The Sound of Music”

Amazon Opens Its First Bookstore

Amazon is on the verge of opening a physical bookstore: Amazon Books. Amazon Books will have the same focus on digital copies, yet readers can now also hold a book in hand prior to purchase.

The first shop will open today in Seattle and might mark the start of a chain of shops for Amazon Books. As the starter of commotion  Continue reading “Amazon Opens Its First Bookstore”

Harry Potter Part Eight on Stage

The Telegraph left me gazing at my screen for quite a while. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child… on stage, with the approval of J.K. Rowling? Yes, it is happening. Harry Potter is making its way to the theatre. Although not necessarily in the way we might expect it.

The eight part of Harry Potter continues nineteen years later, which is where Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows ends. Harry is now a father and works for the Ministry of Magic, yet he cannot seem to shake his past. His son Albus also plays an important part in the play as the child struggling with the fame of his father.

An interesting choice is Continue reading “Harry Potter Part Eight on Stage”

Game of Thrones’ Lady Stoneheart making her debut

Great news from the World of GoT! It’s looking like Lady Stoneheart is finally making an appearance in the next season of Game of Thrones. Although the news hasn’t been confirmed, it is hard to imagine Benioff and Weiss will not include this character in the series. 

[Naturally, for those who haven’t read the books (yet): Spoilers ahead!] Continue reading “Game of Thrones’ Lady Stoneheart making her debut”