Mark Zuckerberg’s Reading List

Read about Mark Zuckerberg’s reading list yet? The Facebook founder started a book club through Facebook, assigning one book each two weeks for its members. 

The book club, named A Year of Books, started at the beginning of 2015. The focus of the books were mainly on issues he occupies himself with: leadership, prosperity, the effect of power, scientific revolutions and more. In case you want to read some inspiring books on these themes, Zuckerberg’s list may be a good place to start!

These are the Facebook founder’s 23 books of 2015: Continue reading “Mark Zuckerberg’s Reading List”

To Buy or Not To Buy: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

A great surprise for us all last week: for those of us who won’t be able to go to the play, there will be a book with the script made available this summer. The great question in my mind: will it be worth buying?

The media present it as the eight book in the Harry Potter series, which makes it seem like it follows up the seventh. It does in a way, but let’s all be aware we’re talking about a script here. It is not a similar story told by J.K. Rowling such as the other books, rather it is a transcription of the two plays that make up Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

I’ve written about the play before and although I very much would have wanted to go, I will not be able to (mainly because of financial reasons, the plays are quite expensive). Now that the script will be published I’m finding myself wondering whether I will purchase the book once it is released.

The book will be released on 31 July, a day after the premiere of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, which gives me more than enough time to think about whether I’m going to purchase or pre-order it. I have several reasons for my doubt. First of all, it’s the transcription of the play, it’ll hardly be like any of the other seven books. It won’t have the same Continue reading “To Buy or Not To Buy: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child”

Fantastic Beasts – What We Know So Far

Sneak peeks are coming our way more and more as we wait to be echanted by J.K. Rowling once more. It will take another eight months before Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them will be released, but we can revel in the scarce revelations that have been circling the internet.

There are already many things we know about the story. We know the talented Eddie Redmayne will be playing Newt Scamander, a Magizoologist, who Continue reading “Fantastic Beasts – What We Know So Far”

Exciting Books To Be Published This February

There are some remarkable books to be published in February. Goodreads already has an extensive list on the books coming out in February, so no need to copy and paste that. Rather I thought to list the books that stood out the most to me. There are some wonderful books in different genres coming out, so if you’re looking for something new and fresh, you might just find something in the following list.

Glass Sword (Red Queen #2) – Victoria Aveyard

Publication Date: 9 February

Those of you who have – like me – yet to pick up Red Queen can dig into the second book in the series straight after reading the first, as Glass Sword is coming out at the beginning of February. Mare Barrow’s story continues in the second book. Her Silver ability gives her the power to control lightning, but she finds out she is not the only one with these powers. There’s a lot to look forward to in this new book: battles, secrets and some wonderful fantastic fantasy. Continue reading “Exciting Books To Be Published This February”

Will The Republication of ‘Mein Kampf’ Fuel Hatred?

Hitler’s infamous Mein Kampf has reached the bookstores of Germany for the first time since 1945. After a ban that lasted decades, the book is now in the public domain, which means it is again available to the German public. 

With the republication of Mein Kampf (My Struggle in English, which is a remarkable “soft” translation as it could have been translated into “My Battle” as well) many are concerned that hatred towards Jews will rise once more. According to the scholars, who were allowed a copy of Mein Kampf for academic reasons, the book is full of pure hatred towards the Jewish community and is not at all a pleasant read.

There is an uneasiness about the book reaching the German shelves again. Especially, since it has become wildly popular and there is a high demand for the book. Why? one could wonder. Continue reading “Will The Republication of ‘Mein Kampf’ Fuel Hatred?”

The Bizarro Genre – A New Genre Has Unpopped

The first time I came across the genre Bizarro was when I was watching one of CravingBooks videos. To me it seemed like the oddest, yet weirdly satisfying genres that has unravelled itself over the years. It is so… well… bizarre.

Quite simply put bizarro fiction is a genre known for its unusual elements. Think of absurdist fiction, grotesque stories and satire. It is all about the weird and about enjoying that weirdness.

The genre has unfolded itself since 1999, but only in 2005 has it really managed to find some solid ground as that year marked the adoption of the term “bizarro” by three independent publishing companies, namely Raw Dog Screaming Press, Eraserhead Press and Afterbirth Books. The bizarro genre has been growing ever since.

Very often the titles of bizarro books already give away the absurd nature of the genre. Amongst the books within the genre are Motherfucking Sharks by Brian Allen Carr, Dungeons & Drag Queens by Continue reading “The Bizarro Genre – A New Genre Has Unpopped”

Emma Watson’s Goodreads Group

Here’s our chance to read along with Emma Watson. Recently, Emma Watson started her own Goodreads Group dedicated to reading books on equality. 

There’s a lot that can be said about equality: whether we can ever hope to achieve some form of equality and what equality really means. But without some adequate knowledge about the topic, it is hard to actually battle for equality for both men and women.

It seems Emma Watson has gathered exactly that. Thus, she launched Continue reading “Emma Watson’s Goodreads Group”

Behind the Mask of 007 | Ian Fleming

The man, who created the secret agent 007 had some secrets of his own in his time. Author Ian Fleming was known for being a successful novelist, a heavy smoker and drinker and his unfaithful relationships.   

The film Spectre came out last October, bringing arena after arena to watch the action surrounding the best-known fictional spy: Bond, James Bond. Even in this most recent film, fifty years after his death, we can find Ian Fleming’s footprint. His works have brought an astonishing amount of films to the public. But who was the man behind James Bond? Was he in a way similar to the heroic woman-loving suave spy?

Although Fleming did have a keen interest in women, his life was not quite as similar to that of James Bond. Fleming Continue reading “Behind the Mask of 007 | Ian Fleming”

George R.R. Martin Releases Statement on The Winds of Winter

The truth is out and it ain’t pretty. To the regret of George R.R. Martin himself, The Winds of Winter will not be finished anytime soon. 

Today GRRM released a statement on the long awaited sixth book in the A Song of Ice and Fire series saying the book is not finished and truly doesn’t know when it will be. He has tried working with two deadlines: Continue reading “George R.R. Martin Releases Statement on The Winds of Winter”