Writing 100 words

Writing a 100 Word Story – Holy Cow!

A few weeks back I handed in a 100-word story to a writing contest. A hundred words. That is one crazy number. How can you tell anything in 100 words? I just gave it a shot and it turned out pretty good. Along the way I noticed a few interesting things and learned more afterwards as flash fiction is quite an interesting art form. 

The Danish Girl and the True Story of Lili Elbe

The first reported transgender, who went through a sex reassignment surgery, Lili Elbe, has made it to the big screen. She has travelled through decades and reappeared in the form of Eddie Redmayne. A wonderfully told tale that is largely based on Lili Elbe’s true story, but is also partly fiction. 

I went to the theatre with a friend of mine last weekend and saw The Danish Girl. Although many critics believe Redmayne to play a rather annoying woman and were irritated by it throughout the film, I was completely captivated by Eddie Redmayne’s acting. The film lasted two hours, but it felt like half that time as I was completely sucked into the story. A beautiful film, truly. Yet, when I started reading about the real Danish girl that is Lili Elbe afterwards, I was a bit disappointed to learn Elbe’s real story was not entirely the same.  Continue reading “The Danish Girl and the True Story of Lili Elbe”

The True Story of The Sound of Music

Fifty years ago the film aired and it has been a classic ever since: the Sound of Music. We know it for its tiresome cheerfulness, Julie Andrew’s angelic singing, the adorable children and a gloriously handsome Captain Von Trapp.


But all this wouldn’t have been, if it were not for some drastic alterations in the original story. The real Maria Von Trapp did not lead the life that is portrayed in the musical and film. Many things were altered, from the escape to Switzerland to the amount of Von Trapp children. Here are the five most remarkable differences. Continue reading “The True Story of The Sound of Music”