Colouring Books for Adults Are Hot

Take one look at the Barnes and Noble Top 100 books and you will find that colouring books are dominating the market. Yet these colouring books aren’t marketed for children. They’re marketed for adults.

What’s up with us adults wanting to draw all of a sudden? Shouldn’t that be reserved for kids? Coulda – woulda – shoulda. We read Harry Potter right? We enjoy Frozen and whatever Pixar puts out, so why shouldn’t we draw our way through adult life.

Is it a generation thing? Possibly. The Millennials are known for growing up with the message “do what you love” and if drawing is what you love, then – hell yeah – draw.

For one thing, it is great publishers are finding new ways to make revenue to stay alive in a time where downloading is much more attractive than buying physical copies. The way publishers market these books is remarkable as well. Just by seeing the cover you know there’s a colouring book for adults lying in front of you. They make it look quite fancy with the beautiful golden edges and the large white spaces just tempt us into colouring.

Is it childish of us to enjoy colouring? Well, is it any better than playing cards, video games or browsing the internet? The great worry that is associated with a trend as such is that adults themselves become more childlike, thus, not taking the responsibilities that are part of growing up. On the other hand, watching television – something is seen as an adult activity – is not necessarily stated as healthy either.

There’s no denying it: colouring books are hot! And I’m pretty sure they will be for some time to come. With all things, it is just important to realise that doing too much of an activity is never healthy.

8 thoughts on “Colouring Books for Adults Are Hot

  1. I’m a proud participant of the whole adult coloring book craze even though my artistic skills are definitely nonexistent. Great post!

    1. Thanks! Great that you enjoy it! Well, that’s the thing about colouring books as well: you don’t have to be able to draw and you can still create something really pretty, haha!

  2. Adult coloring books are so great! I’ve bandwagoned onto this as well! I’ve had mine for over a week and love itttt

  3. It’s definitely not a childish pastime. Like you said, this is probably one of the better and more healthier hobbies out there. I’m sort of surprised that it’s become such a hit these past few years though. I’m not into it myself, but a lot of my friends love it and find it incredibly therapeutic. 🙂

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