Content editor Dutch and English

Need some help from a content editor to filter out errors in your text? I offer my editing services in both English and Dutch. As an editor I focus on word, sentence and paragraph level mistakes as well as proper headings. While editing I always ensure the author’s voice is maintained and your piece of writing will still feel like something that you wrote.


Different Levels of Content Editing

Different levels, content editor Dutch EnglishContent editing means correcting language on different levels. If you send me your text I will provide you with:

  • Word-level editing/grammar check: for filtering out spelling errors, misused idioms and even extra spaces that you failed to see.
  • Sentence-level editing: this level goes a little deeper than word-level editing and also addresses consistency errors.
  • Paragraph-level editing: this level of editing deals with the flow of the writing. Are the paragraphs presented in the same order? Are they roughly the same length? Is the information conveyed in a clear way?

In addition I will provide with general feedback on what I have noticed going through the document. This provides you with better insight into your own writing.


What types of content do you edit?

There are many different texts that I take on as an editor, but since I specialise in online texts, I’m especially suited for proofreading the copy on your website.

As I am a creative writer myself and have a master’s in writing, I’d also be happy to take a look at your fictional writing. Besides the above mentioned levels, I look at your story in terms of the characters, the setting and the plot. For help in terms of these latter three, you can also check out my blog, where I write about storytelling techniques.

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