Discontinuing Bookly Bird

Yes, unfortunately it’s true. Anja and I have decided to discontinue Bookly Bird. It is a bit of a bittersweet ending, but we’ve thought long and hard about it and basically have no other choice. In this blog I wanted to explain why we’ve made this decision. 

In sum, we just cannot arrange things logistically anymore. We were a home-based company, meaning all we did, we did from home. That includes accepting packages at home and sending them out from home. Specifically these things happen during the daytime and on weekdays. As I am still studying that was never an issue. My schedule was quite flexible. However, I am almost finished. There’s only a few months left at the uni as I’m finishing up my master thesis. I’ll be working full-time after and well… we just had no alternatives as to who would arrange things during the weekdays then. 

It’s sad, definitely, because we really enjoyed setting everything up and seeing the smiles that our boxes brought to people. Yet, we simply had to admit that we had limited options. We started Bookly Bird knowing full well that we didn’t know where this was going and where our lives were going. It turned out it just didn’t match anymore. We’ve definitely learned a lot from this experience and feel that we put together some awesome boxes! Thanks to all who supported us. It’s on to new adventures and new challenges!

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