Fantastic Beasts – What We Know So Far

Sneak peeks are coming our way more and more as we wait to be echanted by J.K. Rowling once more. It will take another eight months before Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them will be released, but we can revel in the scarce revelations that have been circling the internet.

There are already many things we know about the story. We know the talented Eddie Redmayne will be playing Newt Scamander, a Magizoologist, who has discovered and documented many fantastic beasts. In 1926 Scamander makes a brief stop in New York, having just finished his book Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them (the coincidence is uncanny, isn’t it?). When some of his fantastic beasts escape from his magically enlarged case, the wizarding and No-Mage (American for Muggle) world are in danger.

Exciting, exciting! It seems like another enthralling magical world, this time delivered directly by the hand of J.K. Rowling. She has taken on the task to write the screenplay for the trilogy. One month ago Warner Bros released a trailer that makes our HP hearts beat a little faster:

But the sneak peeks do not end there. Several days ago a new video was released that brings us behind the scenes of the making of Fantastic Beasts.

We can only wish for more sneak peeks to be released over the coming months, just to keep our curiosity at bay. Most of all, it will be interesting to see how Rowling has imagined the wizarding world in the United States. It is clear it is an entirely different world. No-Mage are Muggles and the Magical Congress of the United States of America (MACUSA) is America’s Ministry of Magic. Just like in England, America’s wizard community lives in secret, the No-Mage community having no knowledge of their existence. Also an intriguing choice: we will see the magical world in the 1920s, the Jazz Age aka the Roaring Twenties (think of the Great Gatsby, economic prosperity and cultural expansion).

As it is a prequel to the Harry Potter series, it would not be surprising to see references to the Harry Potter series in the trilogy. I’ll be curious to see whether we may even find a familiar character to be a part of the film. Will we see Dumbledore (he is after all, healthy and alive at that time) or an ancestor of Harry, Ron or Hermione? And what fantastic beasts will we find? Dementors? Blast-Ended Skrewts? Bowtruckles or the grandmother of Fleur Delacour, who is known to be a Veela?

At this point, it is just a matter of speculating. We can open the actual book written by J.K. Rowling and point towards this or that creature, expecting it to appear, but there’s no guarantee just yet. One thing is for sure at least. I know, once the film is released, I’ll be hurrying towards the cinema.


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  1. I’m ridiculously excited for this movie to come out!! So curious to see the differences between the magical world in Britain versus the magical world in America.

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