Finding Your Writing Space

Finding Your Writing Space

Gosh, I can’t tell you how much I have been struggling with finding the right place to write. I just moved out of my tiny student studio apartment to a grown-up sized apartment and I’ve been trying to find good places in the house to get my writing done. 

Getting Out of the House

It was one of the first things I did. My studio apartment was so small and cheaply decorated, I just couldn’t focus. My chair was too hard to sit on, my bed was impractical. I was dealing with basic stuff that offered no comfort. It often got me completely out of my writing zone. So: I got out, to coffeeshops (not the Dutch ones, just places where you can get coffee) and libraries with my laptop.

It worked. There’s something about the white noise of clattering cups, the grinding coffee machine and chatter around you that just helped me focus. The silence in the libraries worked as well. No distractions and just me, my writing and sometimes some music without lyrics (jazz and classical music is my thing).

Travelling and Writing

It takes me 75 minutes to get to work. That includes biking, commuting by train and tram. I soon decided I did not want to let that time go to waste. So: I bring my laptop with me to work. I’m lucky enough that I always manage to find a seat in the train. I take my laptop out of my Herschel (can definitely recommend this bag) and start tap-ticking away.

It’s uncomfortable sometimes, yes. I mean, it means I do a little elbow nudging here and there, just because you can’t clamp your arms against your body when you’re typing. But it works, really. I get about an hour of writing done on the train, which for me means about 600-800 words.

Finding My Writing Space at Home: the Sofa

Now that I’ve moved into a new apartment I’ve been finding new writing spaces. I am fortunate enough to have a two bedroom apartment, which means I actually have a study room where I have a proper desk (such a luxury). The funny thing is that for plotting and preparing my story I use the desk, but for actual writing, I sit on the sofa.

There’s something that is just crazy comfy about sitting on the sofa with a mug of tea and my laptop on my lap. Maybe I got used to it or maybe I just prefer a laid-back environment. One thing that I noticed is that, in whatever case, it’s good to talk with your partner about not being disturbed while you’re writing. I’m sure it works different for parents or maybe other couples, who generally both spend more time in the living room (my boyfriend’s a gamer, so he often makes use of the study room), but communicating that ‘this is your time to write’ makes such a big difference.

Where do you write? 

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