Fore-edge book painting

Good guy 9gag at times makes you learn things that blow your mind. Recently I learned about fore-edge book paintings via this 9gag post. And what a beautiful type of art it is. 

Fore-edge book painting is the art of creating an image on the edges of the pages of a book. Sometimes this is done directly on the edges and the reader can see it straight away, but the more intriguing paintings are done when the book pages are fanned. In this particular case, a closed book does not give anything away of the beautiful artwork that is hidden.

But the artwork goes further than merely one painting. There is also the double fore-edge painting, which is created by painting two images on the two opposite sides of the margin. If a reader is to fan the pages in both ways, he’ll find two scenes. There is even the triple fore-edge painting, which means that, in addition to the double fore-edge painting, a scene has been painted onto the edges of the book as it is closed.

Next time you get a hold of a book with beautiful golden edges, make sure to bend the pages, you might find an amazing hidden artwork!

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