George R.R. Martin Releases Statement on The Winds of Winter

The truth is out and it ain’t pretty. To the regret of George R.R. Martin himself, The Winds of Winter will not be finished anytime soon. 

Today GRRM released a statement on the long awaited sixth book in the A Song of Ice and Fire series saying the book is not finished and truly doesn’t know when it will be. He has tried working with two deadlines: Halloween and the end of the year. He didn’t make either and is very honest to say deadlines stress him out.

We can whine and sit with our arms crossed saying we want the novel now, and yes, I would not have minded reading the book in the new year either (who knows, it may still be published in 2016). But to be quite honest, reading GRRM’s post, I kind of understand him and can really appreciate his honesty.

It’s clear it’s bugging him deeply that he won’t be able to finish it. It’s also clear he has never been a fast writer and does not deal well with deadlines. The book will come, I’m sure of it. The Winds of Winter will come and A Dream of Spring will come as well. We’ve liked his writing so far and I’m sure we’ll enjoy his writing next year too. In the meantime, I’m turning to Mistborn to fill up my need for fantasy.

Find GRRM’s post here.

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