My 2015 highlights

It’s amazing how fast 2015 went by. There have been so many great highlights – I’m sure I will remember them even ten years from now.

Firstly I am extremely glad I am back blogging. I’ve been inactive on my website during the summer holiday and before that I wasn’t as present here as I wished to be. Sometimes life’s obligations and choices just take over. For me it was a summer internship at a publisher. However, I have been back blogging since September and I am glad I am, because right away I realised why I had missed it so much. There are so many wonderful people, who blog themselves as well. The community is what brought me back and what has kept me writing here over the last few months. And I do not plan to quit any time soon!

Another highlight for me this year has been my graduation from The Hague University here in the Netherlands. I received my bachelor degree in European Studies last July. Furthermore, I started my premaster programme in Amsterdam last September, which will prepare me for my master’s in Writing and Translation. It has been quite a shift from my bachelor programme, but I have not regretted it one second. The material I am learning now is extremely interesting and really helps me grow as a writer. 

Concerning writing, another exciting thing happened only recently. I started a new story. Last November I participated in NaNoWriMo and pumped out 50,000 words of this story. Ever since, I’ve continued working on it and new inspiration is coming to me each day. It’s a long process and there is no guarantee it’ll be finished at the end of 2016 as it is very much a learning curve for me, but, nevertheless, it is so much fun.

The final highlight of 2015 is my YouTube channel. I started YouTubing during spring 2015 just to see what it would be like. I’ve enjoyed it so much, I just decided to continue doing it. Although it is still a relatively new world for me, I feel quite comfortable in front of the camera already and I’m definitely continuing YouTubing in the new year.

Overall I’m really grateful for 2015. A year is never full of good things, but looking at this list, I’m glad to say the good outweighs the bad.

These were my 2015 highlights. What were yours? Let me know in the comments down below!

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