McDonalds is Giving Away Books

McDonald’s is contributing to children’s education. A recent marketing technique (let’s face it, that’s what it is in the end) is that the fastfood chain is giving away children’s books with every Happy Meal. This time with the theme Valentine’s Day.

To be honest, I’m not the biggest McDonald’s fan. It is not exactly healthy food they offer and to have children eat this on a daily basis, hardly sounds like an advisable diet. However, there is something that can be said for offering books with a Happy Meal.

The action will take place in America and it will last for one week, starting this Tuesday. There will be four books on offer, namely Clark the Shark Takes Heart, Happy Valentine’s Day, Mouse!, Pete the Cat: Valentine’s Day Is Cool and Paddington. It’s clear there’s some Valentine spice added to the chosen books. This is not the first time McDonald’s makes books available. This year is the fourth year for McDonald’s and, therefore, they’ve contributed to getting children to read for quite some time now.

Although it definitely sounds like a benevolent action, there is still this voice in my head going off saying it is just another marketing trick to get parents to take their kid to McDonald’s. That voice doesn’t really quiet down, but thinking of the marketing tricks used previously, I do have to say this is a remarkably good one. I believe it to be much better than adding toys to the Happy Meals. Making books available to kids is just a wonderful way to introduce them to fictional worlds, help them develop their reading skills and educate themselves.

Granted, there’s still a meal coming with the book (or rather, there’s a book coming with the meal), meaning the innutritious food still finds a way into a child’s digestive system. However, if parents choose to take their children to a fastfood restaurant, them receiving a book with the food, is at least some consolidation. It does make the meal a bit happier.

How do you feel about McDonald’s offering children’s books? Do you believe it to be just the next marketing trick? Or is it actually a valuable contribution to society?

5 thoughts on “McDonalds is Giving Away Books

  1. It’s all marketing, of course. But it would be anyhow. It’s better the marketing includes books.

    My kid loves the “Pete the Cat” books. He picks them up from his school’s library every time he has “library” class.

    It does make the meal a bit happier!

  2. Completely agree that this is a marketing trick, but the bright side is some children may now be given their only opportunity to actually own a book. I did see this headline elsewhere, but didn’t realize it was only for a week…that’s kind of sad.

    1. Yes, that’s true! I suppose its true colour is marketing, but there’s a real positive influence behind it. Yeah, it’s a really short time unfortunately. I’d rather see them make this a permanent thing haha.

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