My big move to the UK

Writing on macbook in the UK

I’ve just gone through a big change. As of the start of October I’ve emigrated from the Netherlands to the beautiful Leeds in the UK. Yorkshire, hello!

Why I moved to the UK

Marieke Mills, just arrived in Leeds
Happy face moments after arriving in Leeds

This move is about a lot of different things. First off, I’ve realised that living in the UK will help me develop my writing skills a lot better, considering I write in English. Being in a country where I can participate in writing competitions, meet fellow English writers and go to countless amazing events involving books and writing is a dream I’ve long wanted to live.

It’s not just about that though. God no.

It’s about soaking up the British culture. Finding a new rhythm, new ways of being. Drinking tea with milk and maybe a pint too many. Discovering that – maybe yes – I’m able to bake scones without them turning rock solid.

So I’ve moved. Even with the Brexit coming. Even though British Trump is ranting his way through parliament.

Sure, it’s not going to be easy. But it’s going to be an adventure. And it means I’ll be in this inspirational environment and in a country I’ve been dreaming of living in for a very long time now.

What I’ll be doing in the UK

This move has made me consider a lot about life. For one that selling furniture is a pain in the ass.

Second, that in many ways I can determine how to use my time on this planet and use it wisely. Which means that I’m going to focus more on my writing during my free time. Period. Who was that person that said one needs to write a million words before becoming any good? Well, I’m heading for that million!

Third, that I have to choose what to spend my time on. I’ve been YouTubing, blogging, and the idea of starting a podcast has been floating around in my brain for some time. I realise I have to choose. Pick one and stick with it.

And so I have.

I’ll be blogging, whenever I can manage, but hopefully on a weekly basis. I won’t be forcing myself into a strict blogging schedule right now. I’ve done that before and I’ve often found myself unable to write as much as I wanted to.

YouTube will be there to support my blogging platform. It’s likely that I’ll upload videos in the future about writing, but I won’t be making it a weekly or monthly gig, as I had hoped to do earlier this year.

In terms of a podcast. Yeah, that’s not in the cards for me right now. I’d rather write more and send my writing out into the world.

‘Cause I do need to write, damn it. I can’t manage everything all at once, though my enthusiasm often makes me do just that. It’s about time I accept the fact that I need to focus on one or two things and go from there. Which means that I’m no longer putting my writing on the backburner. I’ll delve into new worlds and make them come alive. Create new characters and discover new exciting conflicts that may provide escapism and insight for future readers. It’s time for me to further delve into the craft of creative writing. And I hope you’ll be there along with the journey.

2 thoughts on “My big move to the UK

  1. “For one that selling furniture is a pain (in) the ass.” Oh, I feel you!

    I’m really hoping/planning to pick up writing again once I’m in New Zealand, so maybe your blog will motivate me 😀

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