My Writing Schedule

Here’s me, latching onto a new writing schedule, both for my blog ánd my story. Writing this here means there’s an incentive for me to stick to my schedule. So what will I be doing?


First of all, I’ll be posting a blog every Tuesday and Friday. Two blogs a week. It seems doable. It is doable. Every Tuesday I write about writing. That means I’ll be talking about writers, conventions, conferences, techniques, other writing blogs and more things that have to do with writing. Fridays offer the chance to write about anything, from my day to something I feel needs to be discussed.

I know my calendar can get full at unexpected moments. That’s where the next thing comes in: I work ahead. Every weekend, I’m attempting to write two blogs. If I can’t one weekend, I know I will have enough in my rucksack, so there won’t be any gaps.


That’s as far as my blogging goes. But what about my writing? That daunting thing, which will only finish if I write word after word, page after page. So much to write, so little time, so much laziness (hey, I need to chill as well, ok?). Here’s what I’ve been doing the last couple of days: write 600 words a day. 600. That’s thirty to sixty minutes a day. Again: doable. In addition to that I’d up that number to 1,100 for the weekends. If I don’t write one day, I’ll catch up another.

Why those numbers? Ok, here’s the thing. I want to finish the first draft of book 1 of The Fourth Ruling, my current fantasy project. If I manage (I will, I so will) I’ll be writing 5,200 words a week. That’s 20,800 words a month, which means I will have added 62,400 words to my story by the end of the year. I’m at 37,839 words right now. My goal is to have written 100,000 words by the end of this year. A little calculating teaches me I’ll have 100,239 words by the end of this year. It leaves a little room, just a little.

That’s a big number game, I know. In practice it means I’ll work while I’m commuting, make use of my evening hours and take chunks of time during the weekend, which I can devote to just writing. Writing blogs, writing short stories and – mainly – writing my story and upping my word count.

Finally, there’s an exciting thing coming up: NaNoWriMo. Yass! I still have to decide whether I’ll join or not, as 50,000, wew, it’s a lot, and it doesn’t always deliver quality. I’m leaning towards no right now, but at the same time… I’ve done it before and by that time my thesis will be finished and handed in, so there’s more time on the table.


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