NaNo Hangover

A little over two weeks ago NaNoWriMo finished. I had 50,000 words on paper and the first draft of my story was there. Now, 15 days later, I can’t deny that I may have had a bit of a NaNo hangover. But my motivation afterwards really surprised me.

The first days of December I simply did not write a thing. I felt like I needed a well-deserved break from writing for a little bit, not to mention my exams were coming up. Although it was a relief at first after that week, I felt this itch I desperately needed to scratch.

I’ve written on and off again over the years, attempting a story, developing it, editing a chapter here and there, but I have never before written as many words as I have last November. Although, indeed, I had a slight NaNo hangover the first week, after those seven days, my mind was wandering in the world I had just created and I started really envisioning the story.

So, although I haven’t done much writing, I have started to draw a map, wrote down an enormous pile of notes, which I at some point will have to organise, and an extensive timeline. I basically continued the process of world building. And the thing about it is, I know I couldn’t have done so if I hadn’t written down so much in November. The ways I am developing my story right now is surprising and exhilarating at the same time. NaNo hangovers aren’t such a bad thing after all.

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