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This page has been adjusted for the last time on 20 June 2018.

I’m aware you put trust in me. I view it as my responsibility to guard your privacy. On this page I’m telling you more about which information is collected when using my website, why this information is collected and how your user experience is improved on. This way you have insight into how I work.

This privacy policy applies to the services of Marieke Mills. You should be aware Marieke Mills is not responsible for the privacy policy of other sites and sources.  By using this website you accept the privacy policy. Marieke Mills respects the privacy of all users of her site and ensures personal information you provide me with is handled in a trustworthy manner.

The use of the gathered data

Using my services

When you apply for one of my services, I request you to provide me with personal data. This data is used to perform the services I offer you. The data is saved on the secure servers of Marieke Mills, which have been set up via the webshop Mijndomein. The data will not be combined with other personal data I possess. When these data are not provided, the communication and collaboration will be more difficult, which might endanger the good completion of the assignment.


When you send an email or message to me, it is possible these messages are saved. Sometimes I ask for personal data which are relevant for a specific situation. This makes it possible to answers or requests any questions you have. The data are saved on the secure servers of Marieke Mills or that of a third party. I will not combine these data with other personal data I have. These data are saved until the specific person requests for the data to be removed.


I collect the data for research to have better insight into my customer base, so my services can be adjusted to the appropriate audience.

This website makes use of so-called cookies (these are text files which are placed on your device) to help the website analyse how users can use the website. It is possible the cookie-generated information on the use of your website is transferred to the secure servers of Marieke Mills or that of a third party. We use this information to track how you use the website, to create reports on the website activity and offer other services in terms of website activity and internet usage.


I do not collect or use data for any other goals than the goals that are described in this privacy policy unless this has been explicitly agreed to up front.

Third parties

The data will not be shared with third parties. In several cases the information may be shared internally. The confidentiality of your data will be respected.


This privacy policy is aligned with the options on this site. Adaptations and changes of this website can lead to amendments in the privacy policy. It is, therefore, advised to check this privacy policy regularly.

Newsletter service

You will only receive e-mails from Marieke Mills, which you have explicitly signed up for. This can be done by filling out your details on a sign-up form and confirming this in the e-mail that is sent to you. Below every email you can find the possibility to adapt your personal details or unsubscribe from the email list. The data for our newsletter will be saved as long as you are signed up for the newsletter. Mailchimp is used as the service for sending out the newsletter.

Adapt/unsubscribe communication

If you would like to adapt or remove your personal details from our files, you can get in touch with me via the contact details provided on the ‘Contact me’ page.

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