SEO content and creative copy

In need of good SEO content as well as creative copy? Welcome! As a copywriter and content creator I get into the nitty gritty details of what makes a text readable, attention-grabbing and SEO optimised.


SEO content

Copywriter writing SEO content on laptopSEO content is more important than ever! No matter what I write, as a copywriter I create copy that grabs the attention of the target audience and is SEO optimised. Doing so, I take into account different technical aspects, such as headlines, urls and anchor texts.

There are different steps to how I write copy. First off, I have found that a keyword analysis brings a solid foundation to a text. Knowing which keywords are competitive and are often looked for provides valuable information.

Then there is the tone of voice. Every company wishes to express themselves differently. Otherwise, how could one distinguish itself! I adapt I write in the style you prefer.

Finally, I make sure texts are easy to read, inform the reader well and are actually interesting. After all, we want to make SEO content shine!


Creative copy

Creativity is just as important in terms of webcopy. Creative texts draw us in and might even make us laugh. With so many messages around us, we need something that sparkles off the page. Thanks to a master’s in Writing I craft copy that is clear and at the same time offers just that bit of joie de vivre.


What I write as an SEO copywriter

I write various types of copy and greatly enjoy doing so. One thing I have particularly specialised in are blog articles. I’ve written hundreds by now and it never bores me.

Social media posts are another strong point of mine. Creating content for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest has become second nature to me. My interest in it has even gone as far as writing a master thesis on how Facebook is used by companies.

Furthermore, I’m available for writing journalistic articles. A minor in journalism and media as well as experience at TheHagueOnLine have offered me the knowledge and skills for news articles, opinion pieces and columns.

As a marketeer I have gained experience writing copy for email marketing and drawing up press releases. Lastly, I am available for leaflets and advertisements (print and online).

That’s as far as what kind of copy I write, but what topics have I written about? Many different things, I am glad to say. Various copy about diverse topics interest me. I do not limit myself to specific subjects, but there are those that float my boat:

  • Business and entrepreneurship
  • Marketing
  • Travelling
  • Cooking/baking
  • Books
  • Living abroad
  • Cultural differences
  • International affairs
  • Languages

For a full overview of the content I have written, take a look at my portfolio!

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