Some of the Best Book Tags Out There

Looking for a new tag to post on your blog or YouTube channel? You may have been tagged or you may have come across it. And let’s face it, do we really care if we are tagged if we want to make a video of it? Below are some of the most fun and popular book tags out there at the moment. 

Book Sacrifice TagOriginal creator: Ariel Bissett

Celebrate the books that you don’t like. That’s what the Book Sacrifice Tag is about. Kill your not so darlings! The Book Sacrifice Tag gives you four scenarios in which you have to sacrifice a book to get out of that specific horrific scenario. A zombie apocalypse and a wining English teacher. How can you go wrong there?

Coffee Book Tag

Original creator: BangadyBangz

Combining coffee and books. That’s never a bad combo (well… unless you’re a tea person). This tag brings you many different flavours of coffee with bookish questions linked to it. From black coffee to hot chocolate to decaf. This tag is a really fun link between the two loves of many book bloggers and BookTubers.

Disney Book Tag

For those of us who love fairy tales and still watch (I’m proud to admit it) Disney movies, despite our age, this is a really fun tag to do. This tag focuses on different Disney movies and the book questions are related to characters of these movies. Think the Little Mermaid, Cinderella and Mulan. So, lovely Disney classics.

Opposites Book Tag

Original creator: minhaestante

This is a really creative tag that has caught my attention. This tag places books against each other that are completely opposite from each other in many different ways. Think of the cheapest and most expensive book, fiction vs non-fiction and a quick read as opposed to a slow read.

BookTube Newbie Tag

Original creator: Brenda C.

If you’re new on BookTube than this may be the perfect tag to do as your first video. It’s a wonderful way of letting people know who you are, what you are planning to do with your channel and share your love of books for the first time. Now you don’t have to be left in doubt about what would be your first video anymore.

Intergalactic Book Tag

This book tag is inspired by Starflight by Melissa Landers and covers many themes surrounding space travel. It involves space, gravity, the big bang, galaxy and loads more, all related to bookish questions!

Social Media Book Tag

Original creator: faultydevices

This tag makes us travel through the different social media we know today and answer book related questions regarding these media. What’s the book with the most gorgeous cover (Instagram)? What book do you not want to re-read (MySpace)?  What book character would you like to talk to (Skype)?

Unpopular Opinions Book Tag

Original creator: TheBookArcher

Rather than letting popular books soak up all the pride, this tag focuses on unpopular opinions regarding books. This is the ultimate opportunity to share your thoughts on those books that so many people love and… you just don’t.

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