Just launched: the first English YA book box in the Netherlands

Very exciting news last Friday! The first English YA book box in the Netherlands has just been launched: Bookly Bird. Me and a friend of mine just started selling the first box full of goodies and a great hardcover book. Bookly Bird_Cmyk-01

We’ve been working on setting up Bookly Bird since February and have finally started selling. We felt like it was about time to set up an English box here in the Netherlands as many people read English books here! There are high shipping costs attached to sending a book box from the US or Australia. So, often a box is just very expensive. As we ship from the Netherlands, the shipping costs are significantly cheaper.

So, what is Bookly Bird? Bookly Bird is a surprise box, meaning you know the theme of the box beforehand, but the contents of the box remain to be a surprise. What you’ll know is that the box contains one English YA book (the first box will contain a hardcover book) and 2 to 6 bookish items.

We’re super excited and hope you’ll enjoy the very first Bookly Bird box. Check out the Bookly Bird website. Orders are already coming in, so make sure you’re on time before we’re sold out.

We’d be happy to cooperate with bloggers and BookTubers to create a great post about this! If you’d like to add a Q&A to your blog or simply have some questions to ask, don’t hesitate to send an e-mail to info@booklybird.nl . 


The Best Ways to Find Pen Pals for Learning Languages

My German was at quite a good level some time ago. I learned it really well during my exchange to Rostock, but that has already been three years ago and I wanted to find a way to practice my German again as I have noticed I really need to keep up to not forget words and grammar rules. So, I went looking for pen pals and found some great websites that helped me find the right ones. Hopefully, you can find some use to these too.

It’s pretty cool there are so many ways to find people to communicate with in the language you wish to learn. Below are some  different services that connect the world in great ways. Continue reading “The Best Ways to Find Pen Pals for Learning Languages”