My Writing Group

It’s been a little over a year since I’ve started meeting up with my writing group and I must say it has been of great help! I thought I’d open up and share how we’ve organised our writing group (and secretly try to convince you to start a writing group as well). 

April last year. I posted a message in a Facebook group for fantasy writers in the Netherlands: whether anybody would be interested in setting up a writing group. Not to write together, but to share written pieces, read them up front and meet up to provide each other with comments. Four people responded, creating a group of five writers, who I have already learned much from. Continue reading “My Writing Group”

Useful Writing Advice: Brandon Sanderson Lectures

At times I come across some amazing tools that help me to learn more about writing techniques. Last week was one of those times when I was introduced by a writer friend to the Brandon Sanderson lectures. 

Brandon Sanderson is a wonderful high fantasy writer known for – amongst other series – his Mistborn novels. And, apparently, he’s also a brilliant lecturer. Write about dragons has made the footage available of one of the courses he has taught at the Brigham Young University.

Especially for those Continue reading “Useful Writing Advice: Brandon Sanderson Lectures”

To Buy or Not To Buy: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

A great surprise for us all last week: for those of us who won’t be able to go to the play, there will be a book with the script made available this summer. The great question in my mind: will it be worth buying?

Harry Potter and the cursed childThe media present it as the eight book in the Harry Potter series, which makes it seem like it follows up the seventh. It does in a way, but let’s all be aware we’re talking about a script here. It is not a similar story told by J.K. Rowling such as the other books, rather it is a transcription of the two plays that make up Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

I’ve written about the play before and although I very much would have wanted to go, I will not be able to (mainly because of financial reasons, the plays are quite expensive). Now that the script will be published I’m finding myself wondering whether I will purchase the book once it is released.

The book will be released on 31 July, a day after the premiere of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, which gives me more than enough time to think about whether I’m going to purchase or pre-order it. I have several reasons for my doubt. First of all, it’s the transcription of the play, it’ll hardly be like any of the other seven books. It won’t have the same Continue reading “To Buy or Not To Buy: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child”

Fantastic Beasts – What We Know So Far

Sneak peeks are coming our way more and more as we wait to be echanted by J.K. Rowling once more. It will take another eight months before Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them will be released, but we can revel in the scarce revelations that have been circling the internet.

There are already many things we know about the story. We know the talented Eddie Redmayne will be playing Newt Scamander, a Magizoologist, who Continue reading “Fantastic Beasts – What We Know So Far”