For Awesome Writing Advice, Listen to Writing Excuses

And here I thought I wasn’t a podcast kind of gal. Well, I’m six seasons into Writing Excuses and, guess what, I’m addicted! This podcast is awesome for anyone, who wants to learn more about writing. What’s the business like? Do I get an agent? Should I self-publish? They don’t hesitate to take on these kind of hard-to-answer topics.

My great frustration when it comes to authors or publishers talking about the book industry: it’s all so non-specific. I rarely hear the business side of things being discussed. Most of the times interviews or blogs are directed at the creative process. Very important of course, but there’s so much more to writing than just finding a creative angle. Continue reading “For Awesome Writing Advice, Listen to Writing Excuses”

My Writing Group

It’s been a little over a year since I’ve started meeting up with my writing group and I must say it has been of great help! I thought I’d open up and share how we’ve organised our writing group (and secretly try to convince you to start a writing group as well). 

April last year. I posted a message in a Facebook group for fantasy writers in the Netherlands: whether anybody would be interested in setting up a writing group. Not to write together, but to share written pieces, read them up front and meet up to provide each other with comments. Four people responded, creating a group of five writers, who I have already learned much from. Continue reading “My Writing Group”

When to Accept a Review Copy

As I’ve gained more followers here on my blog and on my YouTube channel, I’ve noticed more authors have been requesting me to review their books. It is definitely wonderful to get that kind of recognition, but it has also made me wonder whether you should accept every review copy you are offered.

I recently got into a discussion with a friend about whether or not to accept a review copy we were both sent. Because, although it is a great compliment, if the story doesn’t appeal to you, it means you’ll spend time reading a book you do not enjoy.

When you still have a small channel such as myself the big publishers are not interested in you just yet. That’s simply the way it is. Hitting 10,000 subscribers gives you a good chance of getting physical review copies from established publishers. 230 subscribers, not so much. And that’s alright. I’m not expecting anything just yet. However, a group of authors that are really keen on getting their books reviewed as much as possible are self publishers. And to get a good amount of reviews that also means contacting smaller channels.

It’s a smart strategy and I cannot disagree it’s a good way to get people familiar with your book. Especially since you can send the book without spending any money as the self published author (most often) sends an ebook. Now, even getting an offer like that is great (it’s a free book after all!), but there are Continue reading “When to Accept a Review Copy”

Useful Writing Advice: Brandon Sanderson Lectures

At times I come across some amazing tools that help me to learn more about writing techniques. Last week was one of those times when I was introduced by a writer friend to the Brandon Sanderson lectures. 

Brandon Sanderson is a wonderful high fantasy writer known for – amongst other series – his Mistborn novels. And, apparently, he’s also a brilliant lecturer. Write about dragons has made the footage available of one of the courses he has taught at the Brigham Young University.

Especially for those Continue reading “Useful Writing Advice: Brandon Sanderson Lectures”