The Bizarro Genre – A New Genre Has Unpopped

The first time I came across the genre Bizarro was when I was watching one of CravingBooks videos. To me it seemed like the oddest, yet weirdly satisfying genres that has unravelled itself over the years. It is so… well… bizarre.

Quite simply put bizarro fiction is a genre known for its unusual elements. Think of absurdist fiction, grotesque stories and satire. It is all about the weird and about enjoying that weirdness.

The genre has unfolded itself since 1999, but only in 2005 has it really managed to find some solid ground as that year marked the adoption of the term “bizarro” by three independent publishing companies, namely Raw Dog Screaming Press, Eraserhead Press and Afterbirth Books. The bizarro genre has been growing ever since.

Very often the titles of bizarro books already give away the absurd nature of the genre. Amongst the books within the genre are Motherfucking Sharks by Brian Allen Carr, Dungeons & Drag Queens by MP Johnson and Help! A Bear Is Eating Me! by Mykle Hansen.

Although on the rise, it is still a very unknown genre, partly because it is a difficult to define genre and what may be bizarre to some may be simply thrilling to others. One thing did stand out to me, as I went through the titles and plots. The bizarro genre is full of bloody scenes, absurd killings and protagonists with uncanny disturbing thoughts. Violence is not uncommon, that cannot be denied. If you are a true fan of romance then you might want to stay away from bizarro books. A true horror fan, however, may find himself a good many books to add to their shelves.

I’m very curious to get familiar with this genre and dig into some of the above mentioned books. Although horror is not at all the genre I feel comfortable with, I do feel bizarro has something more to offer than just bloody scenes. It seems like there are some really good pseudo realistic novels that make you think in a completely different way. And even if it turns out I am too boringly normal for this genre, well… at least I’ve tried the abnormal!


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