The Most Remarkable Books of 2015

What has 2015 brought us in terms of books? Has the market plummeted? Have e-books taken over? Not so much. Even more so, it seems physical books are making a comeback. And rightfully so, with the many great books that were published this year.

If one thing is certain, it is that Go Set a Watchman has dominated the book news section in 2015. The new book by Harper Lee – a follow-up to To Kill a Mockingbird after 55 years of silence – has reached the headlines worldwide. There was talk of elder abuse and the great question if Go Set a Watchman would be any good at all, since it had been stored away for years and Lee herself never brought it to a publisher. Lee herself stated the new story to be “a pretty decent effort”. Nevertheless, book after book flew out of the bookstore and it became the Goodreads Choice 2015 Winner.

There were more ground-breaking books in 2015 that us busy readers could get our hands on. Amongst them was the in November published illustrated edition of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. I won’t deny that the child inside me came to the surface again at the look of Jim Kay’s marvelous artwork. It is curious how a book published so long ago can still make an impact today and mesmerize adults, especially since one would normally expect an illustrated edition to capture young readers. I wonder if this may be the start of a new type of book for adults: illustrated editions for grown-ups.

In terms of thrillers The Girl on the Train has been an absolute hit. With a cover so simple yet so captivating, Paula Hawkins has established herself on the book market. Another remarkable book in the same genre is The Girl in the Spider’s Web (original title: Det som inte dödar oss) written by David Lagercrantz. It is the fourth book in the Millennium-series and the first that hasn’t been written by Stieg Larsson, who died of a heart-attack before he could witness his own success. Naturally, this resulted in quite a controversy as questions popped up whether the same kind of spirit could be captured by a different author. Nevertheless, the book has been received fairly well and has given the public a fantastic read.

With the above mentioned books in mind, we cannot deny that the book market is still incredibly vibrant and alive. It seems like a good promise to the new year!

What is your favourite book of 2015? And what book are you most looking forward to for the new year? 

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