Useful Writing Advice: Brandon Sanderson Lectures

At times I come across some amazing tools that help me to learn more about writing techniques. Last week was one of those times when I was introduced by a writer friend to the Brandon Sanderson lectures. 

Brandon Sanderson is a wonderful high fantasy writer known for – amongst other series – his Mistborn novels. And, apparently, he’s also a brilliant lecturer. Write about dragons has made the footage available of one of the courses he has taught at the Brigham Young University.

Especially for those that aspire to write fantasy or scifi novels, such as myself, these lectures are extremely helpful. It’s not just a short 1 hour video. All of the lectures (13 in total) taught by Brandon Sanderson are available for free on YouTube. I’m halfway through them right now and I am learning so much already. Especially useful is the fact these lectures are not just focused on how to write a good story. A large part of the course discusses what the economical aspect of writing is like. Sanderson goes into detail about royalties, advances, but also what it means to have an agent and an editor.

2 thoughts on “Useful Writing Advice: Brandon Sanderson Lectures

  1. What a useful tool! One of my 2016 resolutions was to start writing fiction again. This sounds like a great video to help me get in the swing of things. I love that he included the practical segments of having a writing career (royalties, agents). Can’t wait to dive into the videos.

    Thanks for letting us know about this!

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