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I have been doubting for ages whether to write anything meaningful about the story I am currently writing. There’s so much that can change and what if I end up not finishing it? I’m still doubting whether I’ll put this up at all. Yet here I am writing about what I’m writing. Let’s write about that. 

To keep it short and simple, I am currently working on a fantasy story. I started this story during last NaNoWriMo, yet it seems only the first chapter has survived and even that one went through an astonishing amount of plastic surgery. The writing was too hasty and the plot did not make any sense. So, I backed my NaNo writing up and started afresh with a similar story in mind, yet heavily adapted.

I have two main characters, which provide me with two very different points of view and two very distinct stories that still overlap. I haven’t written like this before. It’s new to me. I used to limit myself to one point of view and find it incredible helpful and interesting to have two now.

As I am still quite insecure about the story, I’m afraid I won’t say too much about the storyline. What I can tell is that it involves a completely new world where collaborations between different cities are not quite democratic and power can be addictive.

One thing I have noticed is that world building is very necessary. You can’t just pluck things from daily life as these conversations or actions may not make sense in the world you’ve created. It’s a lot of fun creating a world. It also takes away time from writing. I see now why George R.R. Martin isn’t quite so quick to get the writing done. Imagine with the amount of characters that take part in A Song of Ice and Fire… My story is a bit less complex, I would say. Yet already difficult enough that I have to write down who’s who and who’s done what and how.

I hope, some day, I will be able to publish this story and have people enjoy reading this book. But for now – it’s back to writing. Not writing about writing. The actual writing this time.

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  1. You should definitely write. Think of all the terrible writers out there. You can write so much better. (Lol ‘sassy’ helps me to get going, you?)

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