Writers of the Future, a Free Writing Contest

Writers of the Future

There are a lot of writing contests out there. Many of them seem to be merely there to collect money from hopeful authors. There is quite a number of competitions, though, that can truly make a difference for your career. Plus: they are fun to participate in. I recently discovered one I’m eager to participate in myself: the Writers of the Future contest. 

What is Writers of the Future

Writers of the Future is a writing contest for fantasy and science fiction authors. It was established by the author L. Ron Hubbard, who is mostly known for his fantasy and science fiction stories. Many authors and other experts in the writing field thought setting up a competition for amateurs would be quite impossible. Writers of the Future proved them wrong as the contest has been around for 34 years.

What’s So Great About Writers of the Future?

First off, Writers of the Future is completely free. That’s great if you just don’t have a large bank account and still want to have a go at writing a story for a contest. Secondly, the competition takes place every three months. This is absolutely wonderful. I’ve often experienced that I wanted to hand a story in for a contest, but it was either not quite done yet or I found out about the contest too late. As it is a quarterly competition, you can just decide to participate a few months later.

Writers of the Future is an American contest, but that doesn’t mean you can’t submit your story if you don’t live in the USA. As I live in the Netherlands, I contacted Writers of the Future regarding submissions from abroad. They ensured me that submissions are accepted no matter what country you come from.

I think the reason this competition is really one of the greatest ones out there for fantasy writers is because the contest focuses on unpublished authors. You cannot enter this competition if you’ve published a book. This ensures that people who are new to the industry are given a fighting chance. Otherwise the grand masters of the fantasy genre will cast their glorious shadows time and again.

What Does Writers of the Future Do for Your Writing Career?

Ask Patrick Rothfuss, Stephen Baxter and Karen Joy Fowler. Winning the Writers of the Future contest puts your name out there and suddenly your chances of getting published significantly increase. How do we know this? As Writers of the Future says on its website: “Winners have gone on to publish over 700 novels and 3,000 short stories, and have appeared on international bestseller lists, even reaching the #1 slot on the New York Times and London Sunday Times.”

Do you feel like competing? If you want to know more about Writers of the Future, you can find their website here

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