Writing Update The Fourth Ruling

For a while now I’ve been working on a fantasy story: The Fourth Ruling. I thought I’d write a little update on my writing process so far and give some insight into what it actually is I’m writing. Especially since once this one is done, I’m planning to go through the frightening process of trying to get published. Fingers crossed! But for now, here’s my journey so far…

NaNoWriMo 2015 marked the beginning of this story, The Fourth Ruling. At least, it marked the start of the first draft. The idea for the story has been running in my head for a long time, but during NaNo I managed to get 50,000 words on paper. Not that they were any good, because I pushed the Ctrl-Z button and left myself with Chapter 1. The recycling bin ate the rest.

After NaNoWriMo I started my second attempt. I began drawing up my story, figuring out how I would wish it to take shape. Slowly it came to me and over the course of a year I’ve been writing and fine-tuning what I want The Fourth Ruling to be. Along with some great help from my writing group, I came to a few conclusions.

First of all, it is going to be a high fantasy book. Not only because I love reading it, I notice it’s what I enjoy writing the most. Though I’ll keep most of the story to myself right now, I will give you a little sneak peek. I’m writing from two points of view: a female 20-something butcher’s girl and a male 30-something rebel. They live in a world where people fear the bright rays of sunlight. In a desert town plagued by famine day is night and night is day.

Secondly, as it is looking now, I’m aiming for a trilogy. Though I had initially thought the story should be a standalone, I’ve come to the realisation that it is simply too big of a story. The first part will already be roughly 100,000 words and by no means will my story be done by then. So yes, if I’m lucky enough to get them all published, The Fourth Ruling will be a trilogy.

A third conclusion is that I am most definitely the kind of writer that outlines. It is something I’ve only now come to understand. I outline each of my chapters now and have done so for the first part. Though there is still some room to wiggle and revise, it helps to keep the structure of my story in place and add foreshadowing where I wish it.

In sum, about 1 1/2 years has passed and I have really started creating the mould of The Fourth Ruling. I’ve written about one-fifth of what I’ve outlined; to be exact I’ve written 22,213 out of 100,000 words and I’m pushing my story along at a steady page. I attempt to write at least about a thousand words per week. That doesn’t seem like much, I know, but it is a result I’m quite happy with as there’s this other tiny project I’m tackling: my master thesis.

So yeah… That’s pretty much where I am right now with The Fourth Ruling! If you are currently in the process of writing the first story you’re planning to publish, definitely give me a shout. It’s always nice to talk to new people who are trying to break into the field of writing!

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